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All individuals who are engaged in credit/accounts receivable work are welcome to apply for membership of the association. Upon admission, we shall advise members of our on-going activities to learn and promote the latest credit management practices.

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Engineering SIG

The Engineering Group, one of the industry groupings within the SACM, currently has a total of 11 group members. Many of whom have been with the group since its inception, is a good testimony of the association each member is getting from participation in the group's membership.

Members from this group supply to a diverse range of industries with a wide spectrum of industrial products. Meeting is usually held once a month at member premises on rotational basis, to exchange information on new and existing customers pertaining to credit matters such as credit status, payment record, market trends and other relevant AR and credit management issues. Ad hoc credit matters are communicated through email and telephone calls amongst the group members, resulting in fast and effective responses. They have started a regularly updated database of defaulters/slow-paying ARs amongst the members to complement their respective credit-screening regimen.On the social side, recreation activities like dinners and outings for group members were organized two to three time a year funded mainly by our monthly contribution from our group members.

Chemical SIG

The Chemical Group, under the umbrella of SACM, started initially on a low note but in September 2000, the members met for the fourth time and the group expanded with new faces. Members with regional experiences from the global market in petrochemical, resins, PVC and additives businesses, the group shared actively. Brainstorming sessions include trade credit, political risks, country risks, credit agencies, bank ratings and problem solving in credit management.

To keep the spirit alive, members are encouraged to meet regularly so that they are able to socialize and participate in group discussions.

Electronics SIG

The SACM Electronics Group is a very active industry group whose members meet monthly at its members?premises on a rotational basis. Besides the usual discussion of new accounts, delinquent accounts and common credit practices, the group also conducts regular surveys and benchmarking of credit related issues. Such benchmarkings are very useful for members to evaluate their own practices against the industrial norms, eg DSO calculation, Types of guarantees and its contents, Application forms and Cycle time for approval.

On a regular basis, special guest speakers are also invited to such meetings to share with members on interesting topics relating to credit. Within the Electronics Group there is a sub-distributors group formed for all the distributors, who also meet monthly to share their delinquent list and also to compile the total exposure of major common customers. Besides the monthly meeting, members also communicate through emails and telephones for credit references. Members from this sub group also join the main electronics group for meetings on a regular basis.

Consumer SIG

As membership grew and because they came from different industries, a need became apparent that members had to be split into their respective industry groups. In 1983 the first group, THE CONSUMER GROUP, was formed.As a smaller group, bonding was stronger and exchange of confidential information was more at ease and readily. Members met once a month and took turn to host. This arrangement was strongly supported by member companies as the next turn to host would come only after more than a year later. To this day, meeting is still once a month and members still take turn to host the meeting.

Since the formation of this Consumer Group 21 years ago, all participating members found great benefits and in turn helped to increase membership. From such meetings, new members who were new to the trade picked up the tricks and trade of the business and eventually became just as good themselves.Any new member belonging to the respective industry group is always welcome to join in the monthly meetings by contacting the group leader. Currently the group leader is Ms Florence Ho of Energizer Singapore Pte Ltd.

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