Useful Links
Access to company info in 57 countries 
Australian Institute of Credit Management 
Business Products Credit Association, U.S. 
Credit Managers Association of California, U.S. 
Everything connected with International (previously int'l credit conference info) 
Info on banks in Pakistan 
National Association of Credit Management in the U.S. 
National Association of Credit Management in the U.S. (latest news updates) 
Credit Research Foundation, U.S.  Info resource on credit issues 
Useful credit information site from U.K. 
Credit Collections & Risk 
Useful information on Dubai 
Online Guide to Understanding a Credit Report(contributed by Bridget Stanley)
Singapore Government Gazette: bankruptcy & winding-up etc 
Singapore ACRA website - Purchase of Singapore companies information 
Gateway to all Singapore Government Services 
Supreme Court Singapore 
Information on Singapore's Enforcement Proceedings 
Singapore's Small Claims Tribunal - Debt Recovery 
Law Society of Singapore 
Insolvency & Public Trustee's Office, Singapore 
Advice for Creditors - Alternatives to Bankruptcy proceeding 
Singapore Business Federation 
Database of Singapore statute laws 
Useful information on Bankruptcy laws 
Singapore Questline 
Yahoo Currency Conversion Rates 
Useful link to local site on Credit management 
Credit info service on PRC+HK companies 
HSBC's trade services info 
ICC - Int'l Chamber of Commerce 
ICC Incoterms 2000 trade site 
Institute of Credit Mgmt, U.K. 
Institute of Credit Mgmt, U.K. 
Credit Institute of Canada 
Credit To Cash (reccomended by Eddie Lee)

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