In 1980 a group of nine very energetic and enterprising professionals came together to strategize how to promote awareness of credit management as a highly regarded profession. They were mainly Financial Directors, Controllers, Managers and Credit Managers. In the early days, companies big or small were plagued by delinquent accounts caused not in the normal course of business but by frauds. They saw a need to create a forum to share best practices and also, to benchmark with the best in order to attain the highest standard in credit management. A pro-tem committee was then formed and in 1981 "Singapore Association Of Credit Management" was founded.

Each committee member took up dual membership namely Individual and Corporate and the Association started off with 18 members. However within a span of just two years, when words got around, membership rose to over 200. Many members found that their bosses became more aware of the importance of credit management and with it, due recognition. More and more companies then accepted credit management as an integral part of their business and gave strong support to the Association. As part of SACM's objective of continually developing its training program for its members, credit management classes were organized and conducted by reputable credit practitioners including our own board members for members wanting to upgrade themselves and their staff. Regular talks and seminars were also organized and relevant speakers, authority in their respective fields were invited to talk on finance, credit, law and banking. Non-members were allowed to attend but at a higher fee. Social needs were not left out. The Association from time to time organized trips for members and their families to visit tea plantations, farms, factories in Johore and overnight gathering in Pulau Ubin and even "makan" trips to Kukup.

In April 2006, we launched the SACM DP Certification for our credit practitioners and professionals.

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Mission Statement

To facilitate innovative credit practices to meet new challenges.

Our Vision

  1. To promote the development of credit management as a profession with high professional standards.
  2. To facilitate excellence in Credit Management Practices.
  3. To establish a code of ethics for credit practitioners.
  4. To promote honest and fair dealings in credit transactions.
  5. To provide facilities for the prevention of fraud.
  6. To foster and facilitate the exchange of credit information.
  7. To be a united Professional Body for effective lobbying for fair business practices with relevant parties. 

  1. Professionalism from its Credit Practitioners in managing its customers.
  2. Highest possible sales and shortest possible collection time.
  3. Maximized profits from informed decision and reduced bad debts losses.
  4. Interest protected.

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